When we went to Rome, we stayed in a neighbor city called Palombara Sabina. This city points out faithfully how seemed the cities in the Feudalism epoch: a central castle surrounded by houses. Really interesting.

In Rome, I visited the Fontana di Trevi, the Colosseum and its huge interior, the Pantheon, between other places. The Pantheon is famous for its vault hoof with an opening in the top. I always thought this opening would allow the rain entrance. In fact, it's covered with a glass. Inside there are the tombs or altars in homage to the Italian emperors.

It was really a pity to see how they are keeping the Colosseum. They only place some cheap cement the places with problems. It's a pity to see a history Estate being treated like this. But what made me more upset was what happened in Vatican. Summer, over 30 degrees of temperature, and they don't allow persons wearing shorts enter neither the museum nor the cathedral. But the funniest thing is just to come: they made a little 'exception' in the case of the museum. Guess why? Because you have to pay in order to enter it and if they didn't do this exception, they would lose a really big amount of money from the tourists! The scene of many tourists being prohibited to access the door of St. Petrus Cathedral was pathetic. It's worth a tip: go there early to see the museum because the tourists wake up late and the rows get really long in the afternoon.