This is the hometown of Thomas. The catholic church of the city, where his sister Sabine was baptized, is called Herz Jesu. When I visited the city for the first time, I stayed in the church's house, or community's house, as the Germans call it. It is simply wonderful. When Thomas had said to me I would stay in the church's house, I've imagined something simple and even precarious. Imagine how much I got shocked when I saw this house! And there is something else: the catholic church has a bargain with Audi and the priests drive Audi!

Reinbek is a refuge city for the rich persons from Hamburg city. To stay close to a countryside environment and apart from the crazy mood of a big city, they buy their houses in this city. But this doesn't mean that Thomas family is rich! J In his parents' apartment I took a picture with the Klingberg Family (Edeltraut, Hans-Dieter, Oma Cäzilie, Sabine, Helene and Graziella) and another picture of Thomas and I together. In the house of Thomas' grandmother from the part of the mother, Helene (or Mimi), we took a picture together, she and I. She also lives in Reinbek. Even I can't talk German fluently, we get along really well and we like much each other. She is a sensational person! Oma Cäzilie lives in a district of Hamburg.