Prague is the city of the rude people. I think they should take a antirabic vaccination over there. I was bad treated in many places, including in tourist information center. I got really upset about this that after a while I couldn't await going out of there. Analyzing the reasons for this behavior, I guess this comes from the radical change from a closed communist regime to a global capitalist one. Even the situation being difficult those communist times, the government protected them in everything they could need. With the changing, they needed to fight for surviving, and a part of this hate for suffering in life for sure passes to the foreigners. I can even understand their reasons for developing such behavior, but I think it's an absurd they push away the tourists who can bring money from abroad and make their situation gets better.

Everything they have of beautiful buildings to be seen in the city, for sure they have to thank to the King Carl IV. It was him who decided to remodel the city and make it more charming. If it wouldn't be for this, Prague wouldn't be one of those famous and remembered cities.

The hostel where I stayed there I also found in Internet because the official hostels were booked up. It is called U-Melounu ("At the Watermelon"). I was really well treated there. I guess there they know if they don't treat well the tourists they will pass hunger! J Due to the small physic space, the breakfast is served in predefined amounts. I was taking a look in the guests book there and an American even wrote: 'What kind of fucking breakfast you have here?' J For me it wasn't such a problem as the woman always gave me more juice or butter when I asked for.

Talking about tourist attractions, a famous place there is the old town square or Staré Mesto. In this square there are the main attractions, as the astronomical calendar and clock. Each round time, the tourists concentrate themselves in front of it in order to see the puppets show. It's possible to go up there in the tower where this clock is placed. There is a wonderful panorama of the city there. The Sv.Mikuls church is also really beautiful and it's placed near to the clock. There I bought some nice postcards and a book about the city for a really good price. Normally everything you buy there is really cheap. The currency doesn't value much compared with the dollar and you can eat really well there. The funniest is that the supermarkets as we have here in Brazil don't exist there. There are little markets that close really early, 17:00 if I remember well. If you didn't have time to go there before this time, you are into troubles.

OBS.: I was told that there are two big supermarkets in downtown, Carrefour and Tesco, which close at 22:00. I really didn't see them and notice that we walked much there. As my hostel was placed not so close to downtown, I guess the little markets system is typical in the peripheral area and the big markets are only in downtown.

Close to this old town square there is the 'At the Minute' House. In this house lived the famous writer Franz Kafka, who wrote "Metamorphose". There is also the Estates Theater. In this theater the Mozart composer presented for the first time the opera Don Giovanni.

The most famous attraction there is for sure the Prague castle. The view of it is really beautiful, with the tangled buildings around it. From the same place we took the panoramic picture of the castle, I took a picture of Thomas in the sunset. I simply loved this picture! Inside the castle it is placed the St. Vitus Cathedral. The amount of details in its architecture is impressive.

The King Carl bridge is also very overcrowded. The statues gallery along it is really appreciated by the tourists.

The Wenceslau Square is famous for the historic acts and manifestations that happened in it.

The powder tower (Obecní Dum), which is next to the town hall, it was the place where the powder stocks were kept in ancient times. The painting in the front facade of the town hall is really beautiful.

The synagogues and the Jewish cemetery that are in the old Jewish district are also visited by the tourists. But, not losing the niggardly mania, they ask a lot of money to visiting the cemetery where there are many graves one over the others. This graves are in this way because during the persecution time, Jewish people were prohibited to expand the cemetery area or going out of the district reserved to them. Well, I won't spend such a big amount of money to enter a cemetery! J

The Petrin Hill is a really nice place to visit. To climb up this hill there is a really interesting cable tram. It feels really afraid of this tram fall back! In the top of this mountain there is a mirrors house. In this house there was a nice painting representing wars that happened in old times in order to defend the city.

Another place that we discovered by Internet that we simply loved was a show made by a magician in a place where before was the St. Michael church. At Happy hour they give a good discount so that two people pay the ticket of only one. It's really worth to see it! They show a bit of the history of the city using a magic show.