The local where the hostel is placed gets really shadowy at night. Houses are empty, their windows are covered by curtains and the lights are turned on during the night to keep intruders far from the apartments. This whole area is being rebuilt and people left their apartments because of this. It's everything really strange in this local. Walking later on though the city, we noticed that only that region was like that.

What called my attention to visiting this city was the celebration of 250 years of death (1750) of the compositor Johann Sebastian Bach. As I always liked much piano, I wanted to catch this opportunity. The St. Thomas church is the place where Bach was working until he died. There is a museum in front of this church that has everything about his life. It's really interesting. Just as an extra information,in this museum you will get to know between other things that Bach had 23 children!!

Walking though this city I also saw something peculiar. A summary map of downtown was painted in a building wall.

A little bit south far from downtown, there is a monument called 'Folks Battles Memorial' (Völkerschlachtdenkmal), in Probstheida district. It was inaugurated in 18th October 1913, in hundredth anniversary of Leipzig Battle. This battle was between the allies and the Napoleon forces. The monument is more than 90 meters high and it's possible to have a smashing view of the city. Climbing the monument is really arduous. The last stretch is anxious, because you walk though a narrow opening without windows. Who has claustrophobia I recommend not going though this stretch.