Hannover is like Hamburg, it's not a city for tourists. We couldn't lose the opportunity of seeing the ExpoHannover 2000 that was taking place there. It was really worth! We bought the tickets by Internet for two days because the exhibition area is really huge. The beauty can be seen since the tram train station. Its roof is an engineering spectacle.

The Brazilian Pavilion was well idealized. What called the visitors attention was the wood pegs placed in the walls of the stand. It was possible to move them from one side to the other. This was the sensation for people. And if you think only children were playing with the pegs, you are wrong! Many old persons were having fun with them! So, Thomas couldn't leave the exhibition without taking a picture there. He complained afterwards about people pressing the pegs against his backside! J

In my opinion, the country I liked most there was the United Arab Emirates. They did a spectacular video presentation about their country. Other countries escaped a little bit from what I think it would be the event ideal: promote the tourism, e.g., show what can be interesting to see in the countries. Many of them put only artistic works or bold objects.

At night, we saw the pyrotechnic show and I took a picture of another hoof that impressed me much (the civil engineering spirit attacks again! J )