Hamburg has one of the most important harbors of Europe. So, it's not a tourism focused city. But this doesn't mean that it's not worth to visit it. The Alster Lake is the main city's attraction, especially for its inhabitants. There they sail, take a walk with their dogs, take strolls.

The Hamburg town hall (Rathaus) is really beautiful and Thomas and I couldn't lose the opportunity of taking a picture together there.

The train station (Bahnhof) of Hamburg is enormous. But I think the one from Frankfurt is the hugest.

Walking through the city streets, near to the main train station, I saw something that called much my attention. A man was painting with chalk (Exactly, chalk!) on the ground of the pedestrian area paintings done by well-known artists. Each picture took one or two whole days of work. The perfection he could reach was really impressive. He is really an artist! It's a pity that the talent of such people is not recognized. When I passed in the place where he was drawing, he had started the Monalisa. In the next day, he had finished it. It got perfect!