This is the city that tourists really must visit! It's simply terrific. There it is located the Neuschwanstein castle, which inspired Walt Disney in creating the Cinderela castle. The castle started being built under the order of king Ludwig, who was a little faggot whispering here! J This because the well-known king ordered to build a huge room only for his 'favorite' compositor, Wagner, plays his recitals. Do you think he is?

King Ludwig loved swans and because of this the name of the castle is 'New Stone Swan'. The funniest are the Japanese tourists. Or better, the women Japanese tourists. They have a belief that they will marry faster if they touch the faggot king's bed!

This king was quite a character! I got to know that he always repeated he hated the German language. For him, German language was to be talked with the horse. He had a pet dog and see this: he talked with it in French! J

From the castle interior you can get a view of the bridge where is possible to take a nice picture of the castle and also see the cascade that passes under it and the local nature. The city panorama, which is more field than city, you mustn't lose to see it! In this bridge there is also a man who is the typical Bavarian German, wearing the green hat and leather overalls. Well, but he asks money to take a picture with him. So, I gave up! J But as I am smart, I caught a little green hat in one of those local stores and took a picture with it!

A tip: if you go there in summer, it's always much overcrowded. So, don't think more than two times to decide to go to the row of the Spanish guide tour through the castle.