Frankfurt is the city that welcomed me when I arrived Germany for the first time. The train station (Bahnhof) from there is typically German. If you saw this train station, you saw almost all of them! But concerning size I guess the Frankfurt train station wins. Just the linking structure that was made to the airport makes it really huge.

This city is more focused in commerce and business, e.g., banks. J One of them is the Deutsche Bank. I liked much this picture with the German bank because of the contrast between old and new, antique and modern. The funniest there is the businessmen wearing suits and riding the bikes! Besides this, the city is not attractive for tourists. Talking about tourists, take a look at this picture in which I am carrying the big rucksack on my back. I look like an astronaut or a little ant carrying the big leaf, which is the rucksack in this case!

It was in this city that I was presented to my favorite train. The terrific, comfortable, agile, safe: ICE! I guess I can't hide how much I appreciate this train! J