Dresden is the Phoenix city, because it literally revived from the ashes. After the unexpected attack that happened in the end of the Second War and the complete destruction of the city in one night, Dresden retrieves itself from these memories almost at all. The Frauenkirche ('Women Church') is an example of organization and care of the Germans. The rests of this church were patiently caught by the women inhabitants at that time and today they are waiting for completing the church's restoration. Detail: the church is being restored nearly only with the citizens and tourists contributions.

In the majority of the church's towers visitations are allowed. You might have a wonderful city panorama from them.

The Semper-Oper (opera) and the Brühlsche terrace are examples of the beautiful local architecture. The tiles wall with the German emperors (Kaiser) painted on them is impressive and worth to be visited.

As a rule in Germany, parks and squares are really well kept and in Dresden this couldn't be different.