In this homepage we, Graziella and Thomas, intend to show a little bit about the stories of our lives. We hope what we will tell here can be a motivation for those people that for any reason don't believe in true love, which means for us dialog, understanding, respect, affection, honesty, care and in our case in special, much much patience, belief, and the magic word: persevering.

In the menu beside, we will point out the atypical way we got to know each other and how our relationship is developing meanwhile, our trips, with tips and pictures of the places we visited and our favorite thoughts and links. Sure a little bit about the history of our countries wouldn't be forgotten! In the link to Germany, Graziella will comment about the main cultural and social difficulties and differences between Germany and Brazil, e.g., the vision of a foreign arriving there. The same will be done about Brazil by Thomas. Sure we will also add our opinions about tourism and regions in our own countries!

So, it's like that! I hope you will enjoy this little tour through these two lives that got together in this so great world and that you can send suggestions and critics to our email!

Last update: 21/10/2013